May you live in interesting times. We do…and love it! And I am happy to share our lives with you!

My Rant

After a toss-and-turn kind of restless night, I awoke early this morning feeling jangled…hurt, angry, apathetic and…well…revitalized in a weird way.

The first thing I did was the notorious “unfriend” on Facebook of people who were horridly rude to me when I saw them recently.  I get they were told to shun me, which is stupid unto itself.  You can’t have too many friends, too many supportive and loving people in your lives, right?  But when one individual is jealous and feeling threatened by another’s good relationships and unable to “share” others, this is the kind of small-minded thing that happens.  It’s unfortunate and sad, but if you choose to follow that lead, so be it.  I don’t need “spies” on my Facebook page (as someone told me directly they were told to do).  I have nothing to hide and I don’t talk trash about others, so there’s nothing to see anyway.  But, for the privilege of looking, you’ll have to go to the work to “search” for me…which is simple, but…point made.

I am not so petty as to “block” others simply because I don’t like what they say or that they call me out.  I’ve had interesting give and take on Facebook.  If it goes too far and someone is abusive, I simply delete my posts so I don’t see the thread any longer.  I’ve blocked someone once…someone who was horribly abusive and threatening.  Beyond that, isn’t it just way overkill?  I guess I just don’t feel like folks are enemies, real or imagined, and I’m always willing to be open to future contact and reconciliations, where possible.  I feel that those who “block” have simply blocked themselves to the possibilities.

In my current mood, I have a thing or two to say (and I’ve said some of it before)…

If you have a job, be glad of it, work it the best you possibly can and then a little better.  There are people pounding the pavement to find ANY job to support themselves and their families.  I’ve met former CEOs who now bag my groceries.  Nothing is below them as they just want to take care of their loved ones.  You are likely not a former CEO.  However, many of you have said you are too good for the job you have.  So…if you want out, GO!  No one is forcing you to stay.  If you stay, quit the complaining.  I get that the new shift sucks or the boss is annoying, but don’t make mountains out of molehills. Move along. 

If you are changing jobs every time you turn around because you are so unhappy, so stressed, so put upon, so much smarter/nicer/whatever than your boss, think again.  It’s likely YOU, not them.  How can EVERY boss and EVERY job you’ve had been so horrible?  Grow up!  Being snotty, conceited, being a martyr or … whatever … will never enhance what job skills you have or what job skills you think you have, but no one sees.  Resume building never goes well when you can’t or won’t keep a job and people who do hiring can see right through these resumes.

Vacations?  Yup, we all want them, but the majority of us can’t afford them or our work ethic keeps us from it or we are taking care of others who cannot travel or a million other reasons.  So, don’t complain if you aren’t getting away every month or so.  It makes you sound really entitled and whiney.  Honestly, it does!  Enjoy the time you get away, tell us about how great it was, but stop bemoaning not getting to do even more!

If you have a loving, supportive family, don’t be nasty and snide with them…especially on Facebook or other social media where you are hanging them out to dry for the world to see.  No one is impressed with that and you hurt and embarrass those who love you.  Appreciate them.  Show them appreciation! One day they’ll be gone and all you’ll have left is the sorry memory of how you treated them.  Don’t let it be all about you and what you want.  Be patient, be kind, be loving, be supportive.  Get off the instant gratification carousel.  A gentle reminder or request is far more effective and appreciated than being berated.  If you have something to say, say it as you go along in loving ways.  Discuss issues openly.  The other person may well not even know you have a problem until you tell them.  Don’t blame them for not reading your mind.  Remember, every day could be the last day you have with anyone.  Ask yourself if you want a fight or nasty remarks to be your last communication with that other person.

And keep your nose and opinions out of your friends lives unless they invite you in.  And, even if they invited you in, don’t air others problems/issues with the world on Facebook.  They have entrusted you as a friend.  If they want their family business out there, they’ll do it.  You don’t have a right or reason to do it for them.  That is how friendships are lost.  This is what hurts family relationships.  This is what makes you look really bad to those reading those posts.  

If you lose your hat, get dumped by a love of 2 WHOLE MONTHS, break your sandal, fall in front of others, need a pedicure you can’t afford for 3 days from now…WHATEVER!…do NOT talk about it as though it’s life shattering.  Do NOT talk about how horrible your life it.  Do NOT use “FML”.  If you do, now is the time to find a dark, quiet closet and go hide in it, shaking with anticipation of what life has to offer…and to take away.  Believe me, if these are your big old issues that make you lose it, come to me and I’ll give you stories that will shake you to your core.  Not just mine, but others, too.  If these are the only “horrible” things you deal with in your life, you are riding the show pony.  Enjoy it.

When you think you have it so bad, talk to someone with cancer, with a disability, with a horribly injured or ill child, with a person struggling with suicide and depression, with a person who lost their job and is being evicted with their families, with a person whose loved one was murdered…oh…so many people really know just how bad it can be.  And so many of these lovely, gracious people will tell you that they know someone has it worse than them and they wouldn’t trade their problems with others.  However, they’d like to ONLY have your issue for the day.

Which brings me to this…to those self-absorbed individuals who want to tell everyone their stories…ad nauseum…but fail to wonder or listen to others stories, you are missing out.  You are not learning.  You are not building bridges.  You are not finding a new friend and comrade in arms.  You are going nowhere beyond your last incident to try to regal people with, to make them pity you.  The flip side to this is that you are missing out on WHO these others individuals are, what makes them who they are, what brought them to this place… losing out on it utterly and completely.  If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times,  “you don’t understand what it’s like” followed by NOT being willing to listen to my response to that.  You do NOT know me or what I’ve been through to say that to me.  You do not know I have shared experiences with you because you don’t care.  And you most certainly don’t want to hear the lessons I’ve learned…even on the chance that it may give you insight into your own situations.  I’m not saying to listen to me and I’ll teach you lessons.  No, you have to learn your own.  But you can learn from others stories what you choose to do, to avoid, to move forward with.

Then there is my issue with people who want to be given everything but want to give nothing in return.  This is a give and take world we live in.  I don’t care how hard you’ve had it and how much you feel you deserve to receive due to how hard you’ve had it, sooner or later the freebies are going to dry up and folks are going to expect you to find your own way…rightfully so.  It’s a disservice of any organization to continually give to the same individuals with no expectations.  There is no lesson there.  There is no follow-thru.  I’m not saying Christmas gifts and emergency supplies, but in general weekly supplies being handed out to people, especially those with jobs and who are receiving the same handouts elsewhere,  is not equipping people to get off the social service wagon and learn to live on their own.  It should never be considered right or “normal” to live off others.  There is a cycle to break for individuals and families who have lived generation to generation in this way.  Success is NOT in staying on these welfare programs, it’s finding a way off of them.  There is nothing wrong with asking people to help out in some way as appreciation for what they are receiving.  It’s the best way to be actively involved in good deeds while learning valuable life lessons.  If you are receiving freebies all the time, offer to help organize and hand out those supplies to others, help clean up after events, write thank you letters to donors…somehow…GIVE!

Man, ranting/venting feels really liberating!  I’m sure some will say I’m being totally bitchy.  Sorry about that, sorry that’s your own opinion.  A lot of things have happened in the last six months that have driven me to finally share.  Yesterday was the last straw…  when I spoke to someone I love so dearly, who has been so badly hurt that they feel their dreams since childhood seem far away and maybe shattered, I’m just so done with garbage.  I’m naming my issues here and now.  Take it or leave it.  

I’m likely going to have others “unfriend” me due to this and that’s okay because, quite obviously, they weren’t really friends anyway, right?  And I may pick up some new like-minded friends through this and that’s always interesting.  Regardless, I say what I mean and I mean what I say.  If you want someone weak who will not be straight forward with you, I’m know you can find those individuals.  I guess I’m more tough love than anything else, but I’m not really tough at all compared to so many others.  I just really want to see people succeed in good, important ways, to live life well and out loud.  I want people to work through their issues to become bigger people, kinder people, compassionate people.  I want people to stop being so self-absorbed and entitled.  Move it along, folks!  

All that being said…deep cleansing breath…and outta here!



It’s been a crazy couple of months…to say the least.

Truthfully, I felt pretty crappy all summer…tired, sluggish, achey.  Just wanted to come home from work and lie down…and not get up till the next morning.  And I had unpleasant symptoms for a 59-year-old woman, namely (sorry to those sensitive) bleeding…a LOT.  So I finally went to the doctor on Aug. 28.  Then another doctor.  And a battery of tests and retests and exams.  Surgery was scheduled ASAP, specifically on Sept. 18, but earlier if time and space opened up and unless it turned out to be an emergency through ER, which was a chance we had to take.

Surgery was Sept. 18.  ALL the lovely lady parts were removed along with a growth the size of a honeydew melon* (but weighing less…darn it).  Warrior Lita showed up and showed off well…going home quickly, taking very few painkillers, eating well and walking quickly and often.  And when I got home, I was good, though not great.  Had to test the boundaries and they beat me a couple times.  Lessons learned.  

*(All pathology tests are fine.   It was a fibroid that was blood engorged.  I literally could have bled out if it had ruptured.  Nice to know after the fact.  Anyway… all the tests run on me were fine.  The doctor said I’m crazy healthy, especially for an overweight woman of my age.  Not one test – other than the scales – was outside the healthy range!  The only requests were to lose weight and raise my good cholestrol!)

From the lessons learned was to be smart enough to use the electronic carts at the grocery store for a while.  From that I learned that you can’t always see what’s wrong with a person and not to judge.  Not that I’m at all quick to judge, but I’ll bet I’m not alone in looking at people getting out of cars parked in handicapped spots or seeing folks using the electric carts in the store and thinking they look just fine to me.  I had some very rude people making snide remarks to or about me for using using the carts.  

I thank God for my husband, Curtis, who is my constant companion and took such good care of me throughout all this!  I thank God for my sons, Andrew and Tim, who went to the grocery store for me when I wasn’t up to it.

The great news is that, other than still building up my stamina, I’m feeling so much better than I have for probably two years, maybe longer.  It’s easy now to look back at the last couple years or so and see where I was just not well, not myself.  Now I’m back!

The other great news is that I decided, on August 28, that I was turning my eating habits around.  This was before any test results came back.  I knew it needed to happen and this was the day I committed.  So far, just by eating right, I’ve lost 20 pounds.  I guess 20 noticeable pounds since I’ve gotten lots of comments.

I’m waiting for,  “You’ve lost a TON of weight.” because my response is always,  “Well, thanks, but I honestly have never weighed myself by tonnage.”  

I thank God for my daughter, Sarah, who is my diet guru.  Yup, finally listening to her.  She’s a great role model!

So…a jillion tests, surgery, eating right (better and learning) and losing weight…YAY!

In the time between the first appointment and the surgery there was a very sad, stressful time when a ministry I was pouring myself into was shut down very suddenly and without any notice.  I’m still dealing with the emotional upheaval of this.  It broke so much trust and excitement, wasted so much good, hard, honest work.  I’d spent the entire summer working hours every day on it and it was truly the “pulling the rug out from under” me…and others.  

But that’s when God stepped in and sent a new pastor, a new church environment, new opportunities and new excitement.  The very day after the closure announcement of one ministry, Pr. Stephen Govett of Asbury UMC walked into my office and said he understood there was a ministry opportunity he wanted to partner with.  And the rest is history.  The Alternative was born within days and we’ve been going strong since then with so many plans forming for the future.

We are not in competition with anyone.  That is very important for us to be able to say.  Yes, we hoped to pick up where the other ministry left off rather than leave the young adults high and dry very suddenly…IF that was God’s plan.  But we picked a different day of the week and clearly stated who we are and what we hope to do.  We are unashamedly Christians with a message of the love of God.  We live by Micah 6:8:  He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.  

We bring together a great variety of people, from toddlers to the elderly, from all walks of life.  We are The Alternative to church for many.  They aren’t into organized religion or have been hurt by religion or want to be more interactive in life discussions.  Some folks work on Sundays and this is their faith community.  Others are just glad to be with their friends in an entirely open, accepting environment.  Whatever their reasons to come, they are good.

We welcome all.  It doesn’t matter your beliefs, your gender identity or sexuality, your age, your race, your bank account, your job.  Your journey is your journey and we respect that.  We do not thump the Bible, but we do refer to it.  We talk about all kinds of things…no subject is taboo.  We’ve talked about mentors and heroes, faith stories and loss of faith, friends and bullies.  We’ve told our secrets and been loved through the pain of that sharing.  We’ve laughed and cried, joked and challenged.

And, man, do we have plans!  The spring will see us putting in our first community garden, hosting a recycling day (shredding documents, dropping off hazardous waste and much more).  We are doing a major outdoor art project (watch for a wall of the church to become something entirely new!)  We are getting involved with community service projects through the church.  We are having boundary trainings on a regular basis as new people come in.  We are planning some out-of-town trips as well as in-town “field trips”.  We are a vibrant multi-pronged ministry!

So…these last couple months have been a really journey.  A good journey.  A necessary journey.

I am getting well.
I am being well.
I am moving along.

I am, indeed, blessed!


You never really know where this life is going to take you, do you?  It’s an exciting adventure much of the time, if you just accept that’s how it is and embrace it.  Thus has been my family’s faith journey over the last 11 years.  What started out with us thinking it would cement us into place in a very positive, enriching way.  Instead, it’s sent us far and wide.  11 years ago I went to Wartburg Seminary for Youth and Family Certification School.  I did this to learn more about what I’d been doing anyway for 20 years before, to learn more for my work with incarcerated youth and to volunteer with a retreat program.

Instead of finding a permanent job (even as a volunteer) within the church I went to for 48 years, I’ve worked or volunteered at 4 different churches in 3 different denominations.  Each move has been a good step, not all happy steps, but necessary.  I left unhealthy situations, unfair situations…or I moved to better situations, more family friendly situations.  On one hand, I’d like to tell those stories for others to learn from (and maybe some people and churches to finally see why they can’t keep people around, but I’m just not going there.)

Now…NOW…we are in the most unique church setting ever, working with the most diverse group ever, feeling completely fulfilled some days and utterly frustrated other days.  But almost every day brings a laugh, a shake of my head and wonderment about where I am.

Curtis and I are part of the leadership team for The Alternative, for youth and young adults.   These are youth and young adults who are marginalized, at-risk, bullied, homeless and so much more.  Many of our youth are LGBTQ.  About 30% are homeless, about 30% in temporary housing (shelters, couch surfing, etc) and about 40% are in stable homes.  However, our community ranges in age from 1 year old Mae to well…no one wants to fess up to be the oldest…but post 60.  We are bonded by our desire to be there for one another, to minister to one another, to work side-by-side in community.

The Alternative began the week after another ministry for these youth closed down unexpectedly.  We just couldn’t walk away from the youth and young adults we’d grown to love and who trusted us to be there for them.  We provide food and clothes and toiletries, school supplies, bedding and towels, household items and more.  We have about 20 youth gathering every Saturday night at Asbury UMC, 1601 W. Indian School Road from 5 to 7 PM.  More are expected to join us as word gets out.

We provide a meal every Saturday night at our gatherings (church).  We send leftovers out with them and take nothing home ourselves.  It’s a magnificent, giving community.

And what brings about all the warm fuzzies we feel?  The laughs?  The frustrations?

Frustrations?  Parents tossing kids out…sometimes after violent attacks…when their kids come out to them.  Kids fleeing homes where they are molested and beaten. Kids who are hungry and thirsty and dirty and suicidal because they’ve been told they are not lovable, they were an accident to begin with, they are unworthy, they are hated, a burden.  Kids who are in these positions because the adults who should be caring for them just won’t.  Sometimes these adults can’t even take care of themselves.  And, yes, sometime these kids are in trouble on their own…but why is that?

The joy is in seeing these kids share their tiny bounty with friends, in seeing them scooping up food like they haven’t eaten in days (and may not have), in being able to just love them, listen to them, see them, feel their hearts sing again.  It’s in being able to give them a safe space for a while each week and letting them just be kids…coloring in coloring in books, doing art projects, singing, dancing, being silly.

And the laughs are plenty…who would ever expect to learn these things in church:
condoms filled with pudding make the best fake breasts
how to apply show makeup
dance moves to songs like “I’m Coming Out” and “It’s Raining Men”
the true face of divas

And what church would teach:
Christian sexual ethics
Safe sex practices
Marriage equality
the full spectrum of gender identity
how to work through your secrets to come out a better person
how to reach for your dreams
(and lots of other rock solid subjects)

And Wonderment?
We hosted the first ever prom for homeless and at risk youth who have stayed in school.
We just had a luau for our Pastor’s 20th anniversary of coming out so he could share his story.

And these things just scratch the surface.

We ARE community.
We ARE family.

We fight, we love, we learn, we embrace, we eat, we hope and pray and dream…
We’re not perfect, but we are fully present.

Take a day off church?  No longer a dream or a plan.  We don’t WANT to miss…ever…


There you have it…batwings and all.  First, let me say that we were in the midst of getting everyone there for a group shot and I was just goofing around, which is my norm.  I did NOT knPROM 3ow this would be captured!  But I’m really glad it did.  It was the first ever prom for homeless and at-risk youth in Phoenix.  I was, as my sash proclaims, “Prom Mom”, a title I couldn’t be prouder of!  (You can read about the prom and surrounding events at  We worked for months to bring this prom about and this shot was towards the end of prom and the series of events.  It was a joyful celebration.

But the reason I am posting this picture of myself…batwings and all…is due to another blog I read this morning.  It is RIGHT ON!  And I’m ashamed to say that I’ve done this for decades.  There are so very few pictures of me while I waited to look “good” again…translating to “not fat.”

It’s kind of interesting that for years I dressed in bright printed dresses (and I still love bright prints!) but they were long and flowing (still love flowing, too) and baggy.  I changed that part of my life 14 years ago after a vacation to the beach.  I went to the beach in a bathing suit…AND shorts…AND a top.  When we weren’t at the beach, my fun dresses were baggy and long (falling for the disguise idea).  But hanging out at the beach for 10 days helped me change as I saw women of all ages and shapes just having FUN with their families, FUN in the water, FUN FUN FUN…and they were not “in disguise”.  I even saw one elderly lady in a thong bikini!  They weren’t slogging out of the water with weighted down outer garments.

Then I realized that all over the coast, in regular neighborhoods and tourist attractions, that there were ladies far slimmer than I and far larger than I than weren’t trying to hide who they were.  And, dang it, they weren’t as HOT as I was…speaking of temperatures that hovered to boiling under too much fabric!  I came home that year and cut up all my beloved Omar-the-tentmaker sundresses and made them into cute fitted sundresses.  Okay, fitted at the top anyway.  I shortened them to the vicinity knee length.   I LOVE them and I get compliments, including “Where’d you get that?” from gals, large and small.

But that STILL didn’t get me in front of the camera, except on those really special events like weddings and graduations.  And I’ve perfected sucking in the chin, belly and butt for extended periods of time on those occasions, except it seems those photographers KNOW that and wait me out too often for comfort.

Now, after reading this other blog, I see that I have been so unfair to my kids and grandkids by stealing away memories to satisfy my own selfish need to be embarrassed about just being ME.  So…no more…bring the cameras on!  And I promise to post some of these silly pictures as I go along!

Here’s the fabulous blog you have to read:

A Different Perspective

I LOVE Facebook.  I love to keep track of my family and friends.  I love to make new friends and renew old friendships.  I’ve found it to be a great way to connect with many of the youth I work with in various ministries and have become my friends.  I love the tips, the recipes, the silly pictures, the cute animals.  I LOVE Facebook.

But I HATE HATE HATE the shallow “woe is me” posts.  They make me absolutely nuts.  

WORSE DAY EVER…I stained my new ivory blouse.  

I NEED A VACATION SO BAD…haven’t been out of town for a month.

CAN’T BELIEVE how unfair life is…new pimple, shrunk jeans, weather not good enough for what I wanted to do, show cancelled, got a ticket…whatever…

I just shake my head and think,  “You have no idea just how lucky you are if those things define a horrible situation for you.”  IF THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST ISSUE, SMILE AND POWER THROUGH BECAUSE I CAN ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE THAT THERE IS A BIG OLD SOMETHING LURKING IN YOUR FUTURE THAT WILL TRULY BRING YOU TO YOUR KNEES.

I know, I know…I sound so bitchy, so snarky, so condescending, so …..

You have the choice to handle life’s little, petty grievances with catastrophic statements or to just deal with them.  I’m telling you…just deal with them.  Spot clean your blouse, find a way to make an evening or weekend special if you need a break, live in the day not in the future.  Just take care of things as they come with dignity and smarts.  Don’t give these things that kind of power over you.  Drama, trauma, catastrophes, disasters…leave them where they belong…somewhere in the future…and, if you’re really lucky, nowhere in your life…EVER.  That’s what I wish for everyone.  

I was thinking of what my “worse day ever” would be…
When professionals wanted me to institutionalize my learning disabled daughter?  
When my husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer and needed radical, life-altering surgery?  
When my beloved mother died?

I guess those would be my top three.  Yet, in these cases, being the stoic, reality-based person I am (not recommended for the faint of heart), I told the professionals NO WAY and powered through and my child came out on the other end just fine!  My husband and kids sat down and talked about the cancer and the alternatives, made a decision and powered through it.  We still worry…a lot…but we moved on.  My Mom…I miss her everyday, but she was 87 and had advanced dementia.  She’s happier now.   It’s all in perspective and how you deal with it.

Then I look at the horrible tragedies in life…19 young men…husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, friends…who died while trying working to save others homes.  Young…and unborn…children who will never know or barely remember their Dads.  

I look at that one single situation…one of so very many you can read about…and think that I’ve been damned lucky that my child is fine, that my husband is still here 8 years after that diagnosis, that I had my Mom in my life for 56 years.

Yeh, I’m fine.  

No, I’m GREAT!


People have been telling me for a long time that I ought to be blogging.  They seem to think that a combination of being a trained writer and my crazy life experiences would make for a read people might enjoy.  I’m not so sure of that, but I am full of ideas and interesting experiences I’m happy to share…just ask my family and friends who’ve had to listen to me over the years.

But where to start?

I guess the basic “about me”… today – June 26, 2013 – I am 59 years old (hovering at “and a half”).  I work/serve/love the Arizona Ecumenical Council where I’ve been employed for 11 years.  Having even a small hand in bringing unity to the Christian church is a passion.  My “specialties” here…besides the basic office administrator…are disaster work, work with incarcerated youth and networking.  I am currently serving on three Boards (Arizona Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, Chayah (prison ministry for youth) and Footsteps Ministries, a United Church of Christ mission start.  

I have a wonderful husband of 22 years, Curtis Johnson, car guy and jeweler.  I have 5 children…a daughter-in-law…3 grandchildren (who are gorgeous and perfect!)…3 step children (I truly hate that term “step” and we’ll be going into that somewhere along the way)…and many, many other children who call me “Mom” (and not just because they can’t remember my name).  You’ll be hearing more about them all down the road.

I sew, quilt, design and create wedding gowns, paint in acrylic (not great, just learning, but love it!), design and make jewelry, read, volunteer and cater.

I am lousy at cleaning house…just lousy…but working on it.  

I used to be lousy at saying “no”, but that works for me now…thankfully.

Today – this very day – I am very happy that DOMA was struck down and that our great country is coming closer to equality for all…to who we say we are…”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I’m thankful for my kids…Sarah, Andrew and Tim…who have spent this summer so far cleaning up our place, getting rid of years accumulation of “stuff” (not hoarder style, but an annoying amount of stuff to be sure), ripping up carpet outside and painting the floors and so much more…well, it’s starting the look like a whole new place.  By the end of the summer, we’ll need to have a big old housewarming celebration party for the “new” house!

And, finally, I’m thankful for Curtis’s latest test results.  His cancer is firmly at bay (though they don’t use the word “remission”) with the numbers low enough to nearly scoff at, so we can breath again for another year.  That is a miracle and a blessing all at once.  If you haven’t walked the cancer journey, you don’t know.  I don’t say that condescendingly.  You really don’t know that whole “waiting for the other shoe to drop” feeling, the anxiety, the fears.  I wish we were still ignorant of it.  It colors your world in a whole different way…in some ways good…you learn to live more fully and appreciatively and lovingly when you don’t know how many days there are yet to spend to together…in some ways bad…the anxiety, the middle of the night brain awakening to the terrors of “what if”.  I hope I never, ever have to blog about anything but good tests again.  Ever.  For anyone.

So…it’s a beautiful day in Phoenix, Arizona…upward to 120 degrees (ok, that’s NOT optimum “beautiful”), slight breeze, blue skies.  And we are alive and well.  That’s awesome.Image

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